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Disposable Plates that Bring Quality to Your Table

Disposable plates are essential tools for events, parties, and celebrations. Koosha Plast Nikan, a leading manufacturer in Iran, produces high-quality, luxurious, and stylish disposable plates under the “Koosha” brand. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and premium raw materials, Koosha Plast Nikan ensures its plates are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and of exceptional quality.

Koosha Disposable Plate Models:

  • Brilliant Model (Octagonal): The Brilliant plate’s unique octagonal shape and distinctive pattern offer greater versatility for serving a variety of dishes. This model is highly durable, beautifully designed, and suitable for serving everything from desserts to main courses.

BRILLIANT disposable plates

  • LUX Model (Square):

The Luxury plate’s elegant square shape and design provide enhanced flexibility for presenting diverse cuisines. This model is ideal for formal occasions and gatherings.

LUX disposable plates

  • Luna Model (Triangular): With its graceful triangular shape, the Luna plate allows for more creative food arrangements. This model is particularly well-suited for serving stews, jams, and other savory dishes.

LONA disposable plates

  • Negin and Aida Models (Round): The Negin and Aida disposable plates, with their round shape and attractive design, are perfect for serving desserts, fruits, and delectable treats.

Negin disposable plates

AIDA disposable plates

Variety of Sizes:

Koosha disposable plates come in a wide range of sizes, including dinner plates, soup plates, fruit plates, and cake plates. This variety allows you to select the ideal plate for your needs, ensuring optimal food presentation.

Overall, Koosha disposable plates, with their diverse models and sizes, are an excellent choice for serving food at any event or occasion. Elevate your dining experience and impress your guests with these luxurious and delightful products.

Color Options:

Koosha disposable plates offer an extensive color palette, enabling you to create the perfect table setting that matches your theme. The color options include:

  • Clear or colorless
  • White
  • Black
  • Three-color black light glass: green phosphorescent, orange phosphorescent, pink phosphorescent
  • Four-color matte: red, yellow, pink, blue
  • Six-color pastel: salmon, Tiffany, pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel purple
  • Gold and silver

Purchase Koosha Disposable Plates Online:

Visit the Koosha online store to browse and purchase Koosha disposable plates. While there, you can also explore other Koosha products and add them to your cart.

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